Section 110 and Special Purpose Companies (“SPC”) Ireland

Ireland is a leading jurisdiction for the set up of SPC’s which are used in capital markets and special financing projects to provide a special company specific for that project and limit its exposure to non-related credit risks. This ensures that the investors or noteholders in the SPC are only exposed to the assets and … Continue reading “Section 110 and Special Purpose Companies (“SPC”) Ireland”


On the  31st Dec 2020 the transition period for UK’s departure from the European Union will expire and under section 137 of the Irish Companies Act all Irish companies are required to have an European Economic Director (“EEA Director”) and as the UK will not be part of the EEA UK Resident directors of Irish … Continue reading “UK DIRECTORS OF IRISH COMPANIES: ITS TIME TO TAKE ACTION”

Amstrow Wins Enterprise Award 2020

AMSTROW AWARDED BEST BESPOKE CORPORATE ADMINISTRATION SOLUTIONS PROVIDER 2020 Amstrow is delighted to announce that it has recently been announced as the “Best Bespoke Corporate Administration Solutions Provider” at the EU Business Irish Enterprise Awards 2020. Speaking on the awards, Awards Coordinator Chloe Smart commented: “A heartfelt congratulations to all of the winners in this … Continue reading “Amstrow Wins Enterprise Award 2020”

Independent Non- Executive Directors in big demand due to Brexit

With the possibility of a no deal Brexit now a likely outcome, UK/NI businesses are monitoring closely their Brexit strategy especially for a worst case scenario. They are currently executing plans to set up branches and subsidiary operations within European countries such as Ireland while planning and implementing all the logistical requirements involved including the … Continue reading “Independent Non- Executive Directors in big demand due to Brexit”