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Amstrow’s Asset Finance Group is led by a team of specialists with a track record and experience in high value “big ticket” asset finance dating back to 1985. Our experience captures domestic and cross-border transactions across a range of assets including aircraft , flight simulators, car manufacturing equipment, semi-conductor plants, utility & green energy assets, ships and ferries, rail cars, office buildings and hotel chains.  The team have worked for some of the biggest players in the market including the asset finance divisions of major European Banks. Our transaction experience also crosses a range of structures, product types and jurisdictions.

Amstrow offers this experience and expertise for the benefit of its clients in order to deliver bespoke solutions be that for business planning and strategy purposes, new market development, corporate structure, specialist resource for a one-off transaction or any other aspect of your asset finance business.

We are well connected, respected and pro-active in the work we carry out making us best placed to take a solution driven approach to our clients’ needs.

Please get in touch we would be delighted to speak to you.

Asset Finance Services:

New Market Development

You may have a tried, tested and trusted business plan – you may be looking to move into a new market be that an asset type, industry sector, jurisdiction or product to sit alongside and complement your existing business. We can assist with this initiative; we offer senior asset finance professionals’ thinking to your evaluation process to help you determine that you are growing your business into new markets in a fully and properly considered way.

Business Planning / Strategy Review

We can help you to develop a business plan and / or review your strategy by bringing our experience in the asset finance industry to your discussion and debate.  We have seen businesses grow and evolve and been leaders in times of change be those driven by world events or something less major.  We have navigated businesses through turbulent times and can help you develop a solid but importantly flexible plan for your asset finance business.

Transaction Specialist Resource

We can provide an independent analysis of new business opportunities in an asset class, industry sector or product type that you are less familiar with.,

In all our business activity we bring access to an experienced resource to evaluate new deals and take you through the first transaction dealing with all stakeholders.

Our close connections to financiers, entrepreneurs’ and corporate financiers positions us well and gives access and deep reach into the market such that we can help you avoid missing opportunities as relevant markets moves ahead, grow and develop.

We can originate asset finance investment opportunities for your business on a single investor or co-investment basis with other third-party investors

Sourcing Asset Finance Solutions for Corporates

We have many years experience in looking at, reviewing and analysing new structures to refinance existing deals or provide new asset finance solutions on either a new asset or an existing unencumbered asset where a company is seeking a sale and leaseback to raise new funding.

We have a wide reach into various types of financier beyond typical core relationship banks to provide funding structures on a bespoke basis often with flexible and tailored repayment profiles.

We can evaluate and provide projections on alternative asset financing on terms that are optimal for your business.

As you can see the Amstrow Asset Finance Team offers a wide range of services, please get in contact to discuss your needs

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