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Amstrow through our online Fintech platform can provide your business with a new treasury solution to manage FX Payments, Forward Contracts and Currency Hedges. Our partnered Trade Finance solution allows your business to finance international and domestic receivables/payables in a business friendly and secure manner.

Our solution can also have a shorter lead in time to obtain a working IBAN and currency account which is subject to normal Anti-Money Laundering legislation and can speed up your payments and reconciliation process while providing a more cost-effective solution.

Our solutions include:

Transactional Currency Accounts

If you have international clients or subsidiaries around the world then using our Transactional Currency Accounts for your fx payments will save you both time and money through our online platform compared with traditional banks. The main features are

    • Accounts can be operational within 5 days subject to the necessary Know Your Client information received.
    • Currency accounts can be set up for over 58 Currencies for receipt of funds from your customers under your personal company profile including such currencies as AED, ANG, AUD, BBD, BGN, BHD, BSD, CAD, CHF and CNY.
    • No Commission on FX transactions
    • Lower transactional fees on payments
    • You can now bill your customers in their local currency and receive the funds into your currency account

FX Payments Solution

By using our FX payments solution, you will receive a better exchange rate than your local retail or investment bank for all payments and receipts. The process is both very easy to use and to process allowing full transparency on each payment and a status update. Also, with our technology you do not pay any commission on the transaction.

Credit Control Monitoring

All your Invoices that you are sending out to customers for payment can be set up on our system in advance which can allow you to view all outstanding payments in real time.

When you set up the payment request a notification will automatically go to your client that an amount is due with all your payment details. When the funds are received in you will be notified and that invoice will be removed from your outstanding receipts section and so you will have an instant snapshot at any one time as to which amounts are still outstanding helping you to focus on chasing the outstanding amounts on a real-time basis.

FX Hedging Solutions

The online platform lets you manage your FX forward contracts in 2 ways. The first by a traditional fixed forward contract which allows you to agree an exchange rate today for a fixed amount to be used on an agreed date in the future, which you will receive from customers or have to pay to suppliers.

One of the new and modern features of the system is that it will allow you in addition to a tradition fixed forward contract to have an open window forward, this gives you greater flexibility as if you can’t guarantee which specific day you will receive the funds or have to make the payment. With an open widow forward contract, you can draw down any amount at any time to the total value of the contract which gives your business greater control and less risk.

Trade Financing

If you can meet certain criteria and conditions, then our online system may allow you to qualify for credit to finance international and domestic receivables/payables and assist to bridge any gaps in your cashflow forecasting due to unforeseen risks or delays. Along with the treasury FX solution your business could reduce its financing and FX costs simultaneously.

The facility is an unsecured credit line with a repayment date up to 150 days for payables and 120 for receivables. Its a simple and transparent online platform while being able to make quick and secure direct payments for your business needs.

Cash Pooling

If your business holds any large amounts of working capital, deposits or maintenance reserves at any one time then our cash pooling solution might be suitable to you. We have an arrangement with a leading bank to pool all your funds across multiple accounts and place this in aggregate on deposit to help you get a better rate of return and provide an efficient system of managing your reserves.

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